Cymbeline: A Story of Six Dainty Hands

Network: Stylia et NRJ Paris   Type: Documentaire   Format: 1 x 52′  Directing: Yann gérin


The story could begin like this: “Once upon a time there were three sisters – Evelyne, Chantal and Monique – who decided to revolutionise fashion for bridal dresses.”

In the French town of Nemours Evelyne Delaroche and Chantal and Monique Joubert have run an exceptional company for the past 40 years, a company called Cymbeline that is entirely dedicated to bridal dresses.

Descendants of three generations of seamstresses, the three women with their strong personalities have a real passion and genuine talent for designing gowns for brides. Before them, their grandmother, Emelia, sewed like in the old days at Lunéville, while their mother, Andrée, was a laundress, an embroiderer and seamstress at the Folies Bergères.

Heading a company that they run in a very maternal way, the three women tell us about their relations with their customers and their creations that they renew every year. And for nothing in the world would they want to step aside, if for no other reason than their desire to live up to their adage, “Who better than a woman to understand the dreams of another woman?”