Network: Historia et France 3 grand-ouest   Type: factual   Format: 3 x 90’ + 1 x 52’  Réalisation: Serge Tignères

Summary :

The world championship of Medieval jousting is held every year, bringing together the best jousters in the world. Passionate about the history of the Middles Ages, these men are virtuosi in resurrecting the art of chivalrous fighting with their courtly duels.

The best eight of these modern-day knights from Belgium, Switzerland and France challenge each other over a five-day period in an exceptional tournament.

As in the Middle Ages, they set out with their squires from Cathar castles in the deepest reaches of France’s Corbières region with a view to reaching a high plateau lost in the heart of the Pyrenees: Castel d’Ost. Their adventures are an occasion to learn of the history of chivalry, of chivalry through reconstruction focus groups in archaeological parks and castles.

Along the way duels, determined beforehand by drawing lots, make it possible to whittle down the field of competitors to the last two. At the final combat, the two surviving knights, surrounded by those eliminated, have a go at each other in the ultimate courtly joust.