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Summary :

The fate of a nation can be sealed in just a few minutes in the course of a single battle. But most of the time the reasons for a victory (or a defeat) can remain enigmatic and controversial.

BATTLEFIELDS lifts the lid on the mysteries that surrounded the great confrontations of the 20th century. “Why did the Germans lose the battle of Stalingrad?” – “How did the French hold out at Verdun?” – “What became of the Spanish Republican army during the battle on the Ebre front in 1939?” – “How did the French manage to win the Battle of the Marne?” – “What really happened at Monte Casino in 1944?” – “What mistakes did the French make in May, 1940?”

With the help of historians, archaeologists and military instructors, Serge Tignères, a PhD in history, carries out field investigations to reconstruct the palpitating account of these confrontations that changed the face of the world.