Tobacco Free Month

Client: : Santé publique France   Type: Advertising Agence : The StoryLab   Productor: Phare Ouest   Directing: Stéphane Méret


12 commercials to invite citizens to participate in the operation of the Month without tobacco!

In a call center setting, 3 hosts representing 3 TV channels invite us to register on theSmoke-Free Month website and to participate in the collective effort to quit smoking.

In each spot, a host or hostess Christophe Beaugrand, Daphné Burkï, Cyrille Eldin, delivers practical advice to accompany and support those who want to quit smoking.

The campaign of 12 spots was broadcast between October 28 and November 30, 2020. More than 200,000 French people participated in this initiative organized by Santé Publique France