Crime Countdown

Network : RMC Story   Type : Série Documentaire   Format : 2 x 52’


In all homicide cases, the first hours are decisive. All investigators know that if the case is not solved in a few days, it will require months of investigation, or even years… at the risk of never being solved.

CRIME COUNTDOWN tells the story of these thrilling cases that are closed in the first few days of the investigation. The suspense is reinforced by the presence on the screen of a chronometer that starts at "DAY 1: HOUR 1" and advances as the investigation progresses. What is at stake for the viewer is how long it will take for the investigators to get to the truth.

Each episode is a race against the clock: clues are collected and analyzed, an
autopsy is performed, a close investigation is conducted, arrests are made, and interrogations are conducted. Time flies, the narrative is tense, and the drama is breathless… until the murderer is arrested.