Network: Stylia   Type: Documentaire   Format: 52’  Directing: Pascal Petit


Behind two dazzling shows – “Féérie” at the Moulin Rouge and the Disneyland-Paris Great Parade – lurks a world that is unknown to the general public, i.e. the workshops that design, create and maintain the artists’ costumes.

This documentary invites you to move behind the curtain to enter a world of creation, excellence and excitement where, to the minutest detail, wardrobe masters and mistresses and tailors fashion the luminous outfits worn by the dancers of the famed cabaret and the amusement park.

The result is an immersion in a fascinating world, meeting passionate and exciting people, the craftsmen and -women with “fingers of gold”, each with his or her own unique story. They tell us about their love for a profession that has no equal.