Castle-Museum of Nemours

Broadcast : A destination des visiteurs du Château-musée de Nemours   Type : Film d’immersion en VR 360° avec son spatialisé   Format : 1 x 4′

Directing : Emmanuel grancher


The Castle-Museum of Nemours in the south of the Seine-et-Marne celebrates its 10
years of reopening. On this occasion, it proposes to the visitors to travel in the XIIth century thanks to an immersive process: the virtual reality. This 2.0 visit is guided by Gauthier I of Villebéon (1125-1205), founder of the castleand the city of Nemours, first minister of two kings of France. This historical figuretakes on the role of narrator of history and gives a tour of what was once his home. The opportunity for the castle to see its founder reborn during a film.

Visitors are immersed in the life ofthe castle when it was still inhabited by its lord andhis family, over 800 years ago. They will be able to visit several interior spaces of this heritage as it could have beenin the Middle Ages, surrounded by the cries of guards, the sounds of animals, ploughs, in short of life at the time. Among these spaces, some are currently closed to the public for security reasons since 2002 but will still be filmed: the gallery, the guard room and the vertiginous watchtower, overlooking the city at 30 meters high.

With this immersive film, the Château-Musée brilliantly embraces modernity by imposing itself as a historical and cultural heritage capable of keeping place with the changes of our time in order to revitalize the services it offers to its public. It is not only an educational and entertaining tool for the visitor, but also a way for the Château-Musée to modernize, to renew itself with its regular visitors and to attract young people who are immersed in new technologies. To make a lasting impression, this device will be launched at the time of the Science Festival and will be accessible to all audiences: French, foreigners, adults, children, schoolchildren, but also to people with reduced mobility since the equipment will be totally mobile and can therefore be used at the Pays de Nemours Tourist Office, whose structure is accessible to people with reduced mobility.